Building a Backup Strategy for Business

You know you need a backup, but what, where, and how? Most do not take the time to build a strategy. They end up with a solution that is not ideal or adequate, and often realize it when it’s too late. Building a good strategy and testing it will save time and money down the road. There are a plethora of backup products on the market. Many of them are designed with the basic home user in mind, and lack the features or customization required for businesses. Below are the requirements most businesses have when considering a backup solution:

  • Combination of local and cloud storage
  • Large scalable storage limits
  • Choice of what to store locally and in the cloud
  • Central management of all devices
  • Remote access to management tools
  • Fully customizable device and user settings with permissions
  • Complete disk imaging/cloning capability
  • File and image versioning with custom limits (by time, size, number)
  • Automated scheduling with bandwidth limiting during business hours
  • Detailed logging and auditing with email notifications
  • Industry privacy and security compliance standards to meet
  • Data centers for cloud storage must be in Canada
  • Fully managed service with support and up-time guarantees
  • Proven and tested disaster recovery strategies

The strategy, once implemented, should not affect day to day productivity. It should be scalable and adaptable to business needs. Whether you need to recover a single file/folder, restore from a complete disk failure, or deploy a new device, the process should be quick and easy. Accomplishing this, regardless of the product you choose, requires skilled professionals who know the product your business requirements. The product is only as good as the people behind it. The people implementing, monitoring, and supporting you are your most valuable asset. We are experts offering one on one support in the Calgary area, specializing in local small businesses. We have implemented backup solutions for small businesses with 1 to more than 50 employees. If you would like a free consultation regarding your backup requirements, please call us today!

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