Do you really need an Antivirus?

Like the role seat-belts have in your vehicle, antivirus is one part of security. Can a seat-belt be the difference between life and death in the even of an accident? Absolutely, but not always. Similarly, an antivirus will not always stop an attack or infection, but it is the last line of defense. Each network will implement different security measures, but they generally include the following components:

  • Secure authentication and access (Password, FOB, etc)
  • Periodic password changes
  • Hardware based firewall (SonicWall)
  • Regular updates to Windows and programs
  • Antivirus program
  • Site and Spam filters (blocks known infected sites and email spammers)
  • Permissions or rules for installing programs (Group Policy, AppLocker)
  • Authenticated access for network or server resources
  • Regular system and data backup
  • Educating users on secure practices

Using a computer with all the above measures, excluding antivirus, would be like driving a car without a seat-belt. You might get by for a long time if your careful, but is it worth the risk? We are experts, we can design and implement security measures that work for you. So call us today for a free consultation!

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