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Category Archives: Annoyances

Annoying things in our tech world. Making them less irritating and or even avoiding them

Migrating Data and Settings to a New Computer

You purchased or are planning to purchase a new computer, but you’re concerned about reinstalling your programs and moving all your data. Below are some important points to consider:

  • Programs you purchased need to be reinstalled and activated on the new computer
  • You want to avoid buying new licenses for programs you already paid for
  • Programs obtained from the internet need to be downloaded and reinstalled
  • Your individual settings in each program need to be configured the same as the old computer
  • Special program data like browser bookmarks need to be exported and restored
  • Email clients like Outlook need to be reconfigured, and all messages, contacts, and calendars must be transferred properly
  • All your important documents, photos, and other media needs to transferred to the same location on the new computer
  • You need expert support to make the transition safe and easy
  • You should speak directly with the individual who will be handling your data because absolutely no data can be missed or lost during the process
  • You should be there during the process to supervise and ask questions
  • You need to view and test all your programs and data on the new computer before the individual leaves

In addition to transferring all your data, settings, and programs, your new computer might have a newer version of Windows. Every 1-2 years Microsoft releases a new version of Windows with so called “enhancements” that can introduce a steep learning curve. You need an expert you can trust to assist you through the process. Do not leave your sensitive information in the hands of a stranger in the back of a big box electronics store. We have heard numerous stories of unfortunate situations that have occurred. We are experts you can trust. We offer dedicated one on one support on-site or remote.

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