iKonyk™ LibXlsxWriter Clarion 6.3 and Clarion 8.0+ class wrapper, dll and template.

  • Create Excel xlsx spreadsheets without having MS Excel installed
  • Supports: worksheets, colors, formulas, images charts and graphics, virtually all Excel features
  • Perfect for servers or PCs where an MS license in not available
  • Source code provided

This class implements hundreds of methods to make creating MS Excel spreadsheets fast and easy. Can write up to 50,000 rows per second. The open source LibXlsxWriter C code has Clarion specific optimizations and helper methods added to make working with Clarion rock-solid and fast.

The Clarion methods and constants are used the same was as their C counterparts. This makes following and using all of the examples and samples very easy in Clarion. The template takes care of adding the class, dll and other required bits to your applications.

iKonyk XlsxWriter Template, dll and class

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